10 Mei 2021

14 Ways to Learn Effectively to Quickly Understand and Remember

Some students have difficulty studying, especially during the pandemic.  Though learning is useful for training the brain.  Here's how to learn effectively to remember and understand the material.

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Some students have difficulty learning, especially during the pandemic.  In fact, studying is useful for training the brain and preparing for the test.  Learning is carried out by various ages and circles, for example students, students, office workers to lecturers.

There are several ways to study that are effective during a pandemic, such as studying through study sites or making online study meetings.  However, some activities that interfere with the learning process such as procrastination, preferring to play mobile phones, prefer other activities.  Delaying learning makes it difficult for a person to achieve goals.
[20/10 19.47] Siti Khoriyawati: Today there are many effective learning methods, including online learning.  In addition to learning methods, you need to organize your time and record your learning outcomes.  One way to learn is to memorize and understand.

How to learn to quickly understand and remember

There are several memorization tricks, namely practicing visualization techniques and using memory tricks.  This method is carried out through research so as to produce working and long-term memory tricks.  This technique is useful for remembering concepts in the brain for years.

1. Understanding information

Quoting from learningcenter.unc.edu, when studying, first understand the important information from the material.  Organized and reasonable information is easy to memorize.  If you do not understand the material being studied, look for other material that uses language that is easier to memorize.

2. Connect

Connect the information you are trying to memorize.  Relationships with information are more difficult with material than other concepts.  Think about how to relate the material.

You can write the gist with small notes, underline important things, to create a mind map or mapping that connects the material.

3. Try sleeping

A study shows if you want to process and store information, try to sleep for a few minutes.  Sleep will certainly help embed learning information into memory.

4. Do the test

Try to take a test or quiz for trial after study.  Previously try to reread all notes from the book.  Some students think they can remember the material because the test questions are similar when they read and memorize.

5. Use repetition technique

After testing with tests, try to conceptualize learning from working memory to long-term memory.  This concept makes learning information easy to remember and repeat.  Repetition assertively helps enter information in memory.

You can make cards with important questions while studying.  This card is useful for self-test to recall information.  Allow time for learning and repetition techniques.  For example, you can make cards to remember important material after studying for 2 days.

6. Create material groupings

Grouping the material is a simple memorization strategy.  For example, you need to remember four flowers, namely roses, jasmine, frangipani, and orchids.

Try to figure out how to connect the four flowers in memory.  For example, by making an abbreviation for the name MMKA (rose, jasmine, frangipani, and orchid).  Use these abbreviations to remember the names of the flowers.

7. Talk to yourself

Try talking to yourself in the mirror to practice remembering the information.  It may seem strange, but talking to yourself is an effective memory tool.

8. Serious training

A study shows exercise can improve memory and learning ability.  This helps to create neurons in memory-related areas.

Try to do some light exercise before studying.  In addition, do body movement after studying or resting.

9. Visual and spatial techniques

This learning method involves the five senses.  For example, you use pictures, songs, feelings and the body to remember information.  There are various approaches to using this technique as a fun and creative way of learning.

Visual techniques are useful for improving long-term memory.  In addition, you can focus and pay attention to information and material when studying.  This technique also helps to remember all the details.

- For example, if you want to memorize the triangle formula.  Draw a triangle and then add the formula to the image.

-Use songs and jingles if you want to remember the periodic table of the chemical elements

-The five senses, for example use your hands to remember the number of multiplications

10. Create a study schedule

Use a calendar and mark each date.  You can buy memos to add a study schedule or a reminder app.  Study schedule makes you diligent to practice and study every day.

11. Reduce distractions

Try avoiding or using apps to pause notifications on your phone.  Cell phones can reduce the time and intensity of learning.  Set time to organize activities, play on the phone, and study.

12. Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique is useful for managing time in studying.  Try installing a pomodoro or timer app.  Pomodoro usually uses a 25-minute study method and a 5-minute break.

13. Expand learning resources

If you are a student and student, look for other learning resources.  For example, learning from special learning sites, reading material from books and e-books, or searching for interactive videos on Youtube.  More study resources allow you to understand the core material and the process of studying questions for exams.

14. Try to be a teacher

This technique is useful for a calmer and more relaxed brain.  In addition, timing makes you not bored in studying.  Look for study group members either online or meet in person.

Try to explain the core material of studying in front of your friends.  Saying the material shows you can master and retain the material in memory.

You can explain the material by bringing a short note just to remember.  When explaining, you can relate related concepts from the study material.

Those are 14 ways to learn effectively during a pandemic.  Make sure you study seriously so that later the test results can match.  Don't forget to use the device as needed when studying.

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