11 Mei 2021

10 Ways to Learn Effectively According to Psychology

Everyone has a natural learning ability.  Since birth, many things are learned, from breastfeeding, walking, talking, to other activities.  As people get older, learning activities are also enhanced by formal education at school.  The way of learning has a relationship with a person's achievement.  Well, here are 10 ways to study effectively according to psychology experts that you can apply.

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1. Make Learning a Necessity

Needs are things that must be met in order to survive.  When learning is a necessity, then you will be more serious about doing it.  Learning is no longer done under pressure, but can be done with joy.  As a result, each material learned can be more easily remembered.

2. Study in a Preferred Place

It is undeniable that a comfortable place will affect one's mood when studying.  Therefore, arrange your study room at home to be as comfortable as possible.

Change the position and appearance of the room from time to time to give a new atmosphere that is fresher and more uplifting.  You can also find a different atmosphere by studying in a cafe, library, or park.  However, make sure the situation is calm so you can study comfortably.

3. Setting Learning Targets

Having a target time to master certain subject matter will challenge you.  Therefore, arrange a schedule and divide study time well.  If you reach your target, give yourself a small gift, such as buying your favorite snack.  By getting a gift, there will be a sense of satisfaction in yourself so that you are increasingly motivated to conquer the next learning target.

4. Role of being a teacher

After studying, assume the role of a teacher.  Re-explain the material you have learned in your own language to yourself.  You can also ask friends or family for help to listen to the material you explain.

Psychologists believe that repeating is an effective way of learning to remember all the material that has been learned.  When you rephrase, it's possible that you missed a few things.  But this is precisely what can be a benchmark for you to repeat the section.

5. Create Exam Practices

Before facing the actual exam, you can practice to answer the exam questions independently.  It can also prepare you mentally before dealing with the exam questions given.

This method is one of the variations to prevent boredom from having to continuously read the subject matter.  After completing the self-exam, don't forget to check the answers.  That way, you'll know which things to fix.

6. Give Pause

When you want to take an exam, of course there will be a lot of material that must be studied.  But don't push yourself too hard because it's actually less effective.  It's a good idea to give a break between each material session.  This is meant to rest the brain so it can come back refreshed and ready to work again.

7. Be Critical

Once you understand what you are learning, train your brain to be more critical of all the material.  Actively finding out and analyzing the truth of the material that has been studied is considered to be able to make it easier for someone to remember it when the exam comes.  Not only that, with more information, you can also have a wider perspective.

8. Avoid Music with Lyrics

Music has long been proven to help improve one's concentration.  But while studying, avoid listening to music with lyrics because it can distract you.  Instead, listen to classical music so that the mind can be fresher.

9. Read the Summary of Materials Before Bed

Research has shown that sleep is a surefire way to help the memory process.  Therefore, re-reading the summary of the material before falling asleep is highly recommended.  Then, don't forget to sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day so that your mind feels fresh when you wake up.

10. Discuss

Learning is often done alone.  However, some people prefer the group learning style.  If you are the second type then look for friends who can be discussed.  From the discussion process, you will get more things that may not be obtained when studying independently.

Those are 10 effective ways of learning that you can emulate to score brilliant achievements in school.

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