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12 Ways to Shrink Arms Quickly & Effectively. Without Tools Also Can!

Having big, flabby arms can sometimes make some people feel less confident. If you want a permanent solution, let's try some ways to reduce arms that can be tried at home.

Before discussing it, let's first consider why fat accumulation often occurs in the arm area.
Causes of Arms with Fatty Arms

1. Rarely Exercising

When a person gains weight, fat accumulation usually often occurs in the arm area.
Buildup in the area is caused by lack of physical activity and irregular exercise.
In addition, burning fat in the arm area is also more difficult to do when compared to other body areas.

2. Increasing Age

Another factor that affects the accumulation of fat in the arms is increasing age.
The body tends to store more fat in various areas of the body and muscle mass begins to decrease as you enter your 20s.
In other words, the conversion of muscle to fat at that age can be a factor in the cause of sagging arms.

3. Metabolism

In addition, a person's metabolism which decreases with age also plays a role in the accumulation of fat in the arm area.
In other words, the body will burn fewer calories.
After knowing the cause of fatty arms, let's go straight to a full review of the most effective way to reduce fat!

How to Shrink Arms Quickly

To shrink arms quickly, of course, exercise is the solution.
However, you only need a few simple tools that you can keep at home.
In other words, you don't have to go all the way to the gym.
Here are some types of exercise that you can try.

1. Jump Rope

Although it sounds simple, this one arm shrink exercise has proven results, lo.
If you want quick results, do this exercise every day in the morning and evening.
Don't forget to increase the intensity so that fat burning in the hand area can be done more effectively.

2. Pull-ups

You only need a pole or frame that is higher than you to do this one sport.
How to shrink the arm on this one is quite simple.
You just need to hold the bar with both hands, slowly raise your body, and hold it for 8 seconds or 8 counts.
Do this arm shrinking movement regularly if you want faster results.

3. Weighted Punch

In addition to the above movements, there are also other movements that can be done with barbells, namely weighted punch or punching with weights.
You only need to do a forward punching motion with 1 arm alternately while holding the barbell.
Simple, right?

4. Barbell

There are several variations that you can try with this one tool.
Here are some of them:
Hold the barbell in both hands, position your hands at a 90-degree angle, and alternate lifting the barbell.
Hold the barbell in both hands, position your hands at a 90-degree angle, and simultaneously lift the barbell.
Hold the barbell in both hands and alternately lift the barbell in a position as if you are stretching your arms.
Hold the barbell in both hands and lift the barbell at the same time as if you were stretching your arms.


ScissorHere is how to shrink the arm with a scissor motion.
Simply spread your arms and legs, then do a criss-cross forward motion, as if you were cutting with your hands.
This movement trains the arm area so that the muscles will feel tighter.

6. Hand Rotating Movement

No less simple than the previous exercise, there is also a hand turning movement that is no less powerful for removing fat.
For your own way, you only need to spread your arms out to the sides in a straight position.
Then, rotate back and forth alternately and make sure your arms are straight.
Do it at least 50 times in one workout for maximum results.

7. Swimming

If you have a swimming pool at home, you can also tighten your arm muscles by swimming.
Not only arms, this sport can even train all parts of the body.
So that the desired results can occur quickly, swim at least 2 times a week.

8. Perfect push-ups

One of the most common sports done by both men and women can be done anytime and anywhere.
If done regularly, the shape of the arm will change to become slimmer because the fat that has accumulated will be eroded by this activity.
To do this, make sure that the movements that are practiced are in accordance with the provisions so that the results obtained are maximized.
Here's how to do the perfect push-up:
Place both hands on the floor with fingertips as support.
Spread your feet shoulder width apart for balance.
Make sure your legs, waist, and head are in a straight line.
Bend your forearms and upper arms to form a 90-degree position.
Push yourself up slowly while inhaling.
Lower the body while exhaling.
The first time you try it, do it as hard as you can and increase the intensity as you get used to it.
If today you can do 20 push-ups then tomorrow you have to increase it to 25.

9. Knee Push-ups

If you are having trouble doing perfect push-ups, you can also try knee push-ups which are much easier.
This movement will pull the muscles throughout the body and make breathing better.
The movement is more or less the same as a perfect push-up, but the difference is that the focus is moved to the knee area.
For that, you have to bend your knees when doing this one sport.

10. Wall Push-ups The next

way to shrink your arms is to use wall push-ups.
You can try this option if knee push-ups and perfect are too difficult.
The thing that distinguishes this push-up from other push-ups is the position where you do it, which is in front of a wall.

Here's how:

Stand further out of hand when touching a wall.
Touch the wall with your palm.
Slowly bring your face closer while bending your arms.
Start with a count of 10 and increase the number periodically.

11. Eating Healthy Foods

To speed up the process of shrinking your arms, you should also reduce foods that contain saturated fat.
Saturated fat is the "culprit" that makes fat accumulate in one part of the body.
Therefore, try to start eating healthy, low-fat foods that are certainly more nutritious.

12. Diligently Drink Mineral Water

In addition, another healthy lifestyle that must be done is diligently consuming 8 glasses of mineral water a day.
The benefits of following a healthy lifestyle on this one is to help break down fat deposits and increase the metabolic system.
In addition, the digestive system will feel smoother, so fat will not settle in the body.
Those are a number of ways to shrink arms that you can do with simple tools at home and get used to a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully this article will be a solution to the problem you are facing, yes!
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