5 Mei 2021

The Challenges of Studying at Home and How to Overcome Them

The online learning system from home during the pandemic is the best solution right now.  But, because it has never been done in Indonesia, as a result, you, your teacher, and your parents are having problems doing it, right?  Not to mention the teachers who have to find effective and fun ways to learn for you and your friends.

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It's not easy, let alone having to combine new learning methods with learning materials that are already running.  This system certainly poses a new challenge for you.  Not to mention finding a way to study that is fun and not boring, you must follow a home study policy that is extended until the end of the year.

So, instead of getting bored, let's discuss what challenges you have to face while studying online at home.  After that, Mipi will provide easy tips and tricks, which you can apply while studying at home.  You read this article carefully, Pahamifren.

Home Study Challenge

1. Less conducive learning atmosphere

This problem is the one you feel most often, right?  An online learning atmosphere at home that is not conducive can make it difficult for you to concentrate on listening to the material given by the teacher.  There are situations that make your mood go down, for example, your sister is playing the music too loud, your baby sister is crying, there's just something that bothers you.

2. Too Much Schoolwork

This is what often annoys me.  Due to studying without face to face, some teachers tend to burden you with piles of assignments.  "Sir, ma'am, I'm sorry, even though we're at home, we have a lot of things to do" this kind of sentence might cross your mind when you receive a lot of assignments, right?

However, this condition usually occurs because teachers are still surprised by the online learning system from home.  That's why they often give assignments to fulfill the syllabus of lessons that you must master.

3. Easy Sleepy

Well, if this one happens to you, there are usually two reasons, either because you watch dramas at night or play games until you lose track of time, or are bored with your teacher's way of teaching.  As a result, you are getting sleepy, slowly changing positions until you fall asleep.

4. Feeling Bored and Isolated

One of the biggest challenges you have to face while studying from home is boredom and isolation.  If these two feelings have attacked you, that's a sign you need to take a break.  Don't let your mental health during this pandemic be disrupted.  Don't hesitate to express your feelings with your parents at home, Pahamifren.

5. Lack of Assistance From Teachers

How difficult is the lesson being taught, or how fierce the teacher is at school, you must feel better if they are directly accompanied by them, right?  Sometimes you also miss your favorite teacher who has a fun and not boring way of teaching.

The most noticeable drawback when studying at home is that there is no longer a teacher who physically accompanies you.  Even though there are certain subjects such as mathematics and physics that require teacher assistance when you find it difficult to understand the subject matter.

6. Facing the Challenges of Learning Online at Home

Those are some of the challenges you most often feel while studying at home.  If you find it difficult to deal with it, don't worry, there are still many effective and fun ways to learn that you can apply at home.  What are they?  let's discuss one by one.

7. Create a Comfortable Study Room

This method is the most appropriate for you to design an effective and fun way of learning.  You can choose one of the rooms at home as a special place to study.

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